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Events for Caregivers

2011 : Family Caregivers Outing at Horticultural Park
Family Caregivers Outing at Horticultural Park The rain in the morning did not deter some 36 patients, family members and staff from participating in the outing at the Hort Park on 18 June 2011. In fact, the rain cooled the weather, making the walk all the more pleasant.

The bi-annual event, is the 4th organised by the Medical Social Work department in collaboration with the psychiatric rehabilitation ward and aims to acknowledge the efforts of caregivers and to enhance the lives of patients living in the community.

Besides walking through the southern ridges, games were introduced to encourage bonding between the families. Families were divided into groups and encouraged to work together to locate objects and plants along the way. It was heartwarming to see everyone helping each other out through these games. What appeared to be a challenging in the last game turned out to be an exciting one when each participant was asked to creatively form the alphabet of each word using their body. Both staff and volunteers were impressed by the cooperation and sporty spirits and perseverance exhibited by patients and their family members. The participants also included an elderly lady and pre-schooler who completed the entire journey with smiles on their faces.

The outing culminated with a sumptuous picnic lunch at the Kent Ridge Park. Delicious nasi lemak, satays, fruits, muffins, tidbits, and pastries were lovingly prepared by volunteers led by Mrs Moreen Tan. After the long walk, participants were only too happy to tuck into such a sumptuous meal, while they had fellowship with each other. After lunch, Dr. Eu, Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation congratulated the families on their active participation and gave away prizes to those who won the game as well as tokens of appreciation to all volunteers who had volunteered their time to ensure the event was conducted successfully.

The Medical Social Work department would like to thank all the volunteers and staff of psychiatric rehabilitation ward for making this event a success to all our caregivers and patients. Families expressed their heartfelt appreciation and were already asking when the next outing would be held! Contributed by MSWs from Rehab Ward, MSW Dept, IMH.


2010 : Annual Family Gathering @ Marina Barrage for Caregivers
Intriguing stingray kites dotted the blue skies over Marina Barrage, while patients, accompanied by their caregivers, tugged at the kites’ lines from the ground below.

This beautiful scene took place one early Saturday morning, when 24 patients and their caregivers gathered with 8 volunteers and 5 IMH staff for the Annual Caregivers Gathering, organised by the MSW department in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Unit.

We were privileged to have a kite master who volunteered his professional skills on the finer points of kite flying. Caregivers and patients were also treated to a buffet lunch and presented with lucky draw prizes. Ms Lilian Mark, Head of the MSW department and Dr Eu Pui Wai, Senior Consultant and Director of Rehabilitation Psychiatry thanked caregivers for their presence and encouraged them to reach out to the open skies like the kites they flew.

A beautiful handmade certificate, with a tagline that read “Continue to keep your family spirits flying” were presented to caregivers. Tokens of appreciation were also given to volunteers for their participation.

Aesthetically beautiful and structurally robust, kites embody hope, strength and optimism-- a message that we would like to instill in our caregivers in their journey to support their loved ones in the recovery of mental illness.

The MSW department would like to thank volunteers, sponsors and IMH staff who have assisted with this event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and as one caregiver remarked: “ We enjoyed it very much and would like to continue joining future gatherings too.”