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Caregivers' Workshop

  看护者扶持计划名称 看护者培训课程 (精神分裂、抑忧症和失智症)


这是每个月举办的一日课程。课程是在星期六,早上8.45 到下午4.30。
  带领者 医生和医疗社工
  报名方式 你可以透过以下的方式报名:
  1. http://www.imh.com.sg/events/
  2. 电邮: admin_MSW@imh.com.sg
  3. 拨打: 6389 2059
  前届参加者的反馈 The Caregivers' Training Programme was excellent and helped me to better understand schizophrenia and also relapse prevention. The training made me more confident in reaching my goal of helping my son recover from his illness." - Mr Paul Thung, father of patient

"The topics were very interesting and useful in helping me improve my relationship with my loved one." - Mdm T. Devi, mother of patient

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