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Caregivers' Workshop

  Name of caregivers’ programme Caregivers’ Workshop for Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Dementia and Intellectual Disability. The workshops are conducted in English or Mandarin.
Aim and description of caregivers’ programme

Being a caregiver to people suffering from mental illness can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. The MSW department organizes the workshop for caregivers who have loved ones suffering from schizophrenia or depression, to provide them with knowledge, skills and peer support so that they are not alone in their caregiving journey.

Details of caregivers’ programme
This is a full-day workshop conducted once a month in IMH to caregivers. The workshop is usually held on a Saturday.
  Trainer/Facilitator Doctors and Medical Social Workers
  Registration You can register through the following ways.
  1. http://www.imh.com.sg/events/
  2. Email to admin_MSW@imh.com.sg
  3. Call 6389 2059
  Feedback from participants The Caregivers' Training Programme was excellent and helped me to better understand schizophrenia and also relapse prevention. The training made me more confident in reaching my goal of helping my son recover from his illness." - Mr Paul Thung, father of patient

"The topics were very interesting and useful in helping me improve my relationship with my loved one." - Mdm T. Devi, mother of patient

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